Having Tea With Mr Tumnus..

" The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"
Abby here!
Female.18.Scottish. Happily taken by my beautiful girlfriend.
The VERY few things I hate:
- Spicy food.
- Overly cheesey films.
- Homophobes.
- Violent people.
- Racist People.
- Basicaly I dislike ignorant people.

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katherineslapislazuli asked: Mrs Barker Harrison would be proud lololol


Haha bet she would :L xx

katherineslapislazuli asked: Wowowowowow!!! Oh my god this is so exciting! I'm so happy for you! Ah, sharing a flat. No idea what that's like, you may have to label your sandwiches but aaaaaah this is so gr9 :3


Thanks! Yar I’m pretty damn excited :) xx

When penises appear on your dash:



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